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Stop Birds Hitting Windows with Window Decals.  Thousands of wild birds in New Zealand are killed each year by flying into windows. Many others are injured. Injuries range from concussion through to multiple fractures of chest bones including the coricoid (wishbone), clavicle and /or scapula. While a lot of the birds with these fractures can be successfully rehabilitated it takes months of work to achieve this.

Window Alert decals are an innovative solution to this problem.

What birds see

“ Window Alert is a low-tack decal that may be applied to home or office windows. The decals contain a component which brilliantly reflects ultraviolet sunlight. This ultaviolet light is invisible to humans but glows like a stoplight for birds. Birds have vision that is 12 times better than humans”

Each pack contains 4 decals with each decal measuring approx 100 mm x 100 mm. It is recommended to use 1 decal per 90 square cm of window area.

Decals are either static cling or have a low tack adhesive that is easily removed from the window. The decals are placed on the outside of the window and can only be used on glass surfaces free from any overlay, tinting, film or coating. The decals should be replaced every 4 months.

Stop Birds Hitting Windows – Select from the following Window Decals

The shapes we currently have available are:

hummingbird window decal leaf-medley decal for windows
stop birds hitting windows - Maple Leaf decal for windows Snowflake decal for windows Aspen

One pack of 4 decals costs $15 including postage within New Zealand

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